Living in Our Purpose Makes Us Useful to God

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”

Job 42:2 New International Version

In these past weeks I have been hearing again and again, a certain word that no matter where I go, I hear it resounding and that word is the word PURPOSE. I honestly think that God is calling upon our attention to what He is wanting us to focus on for this coming new year.
All of us have been created by God with a PURPOSE for our lives. But the saddest thing that can happen to a Child of God is to be in Christ and be living a life without purpose. God has created us with gifts, talents and abilities intended to help us fulfill our purpose, so that we can surrender ourselves in service to Him and be useful in His work here on earth.

It all comes down in recognizing that our purpose IS ONLY FOUND IN GOD and there is no other way that we may discover what that purpose is or living a life according to it if it’s not through him. The fact of ignoring that there is a purpose for our lives from God is like purchasing an electronic appliance and trying to operate it after having thrown out into the garbage the Operating Manual. Either it will not work, or it will not work to its’ full capacity. WITHOUT THAT MANUAL WE WILL NOT KNOW HOW TO OPERATE IT AND WILL NOT BE AWARE OF WHAT IT IS CAPABLE OF DOING. In that same manner there are many believers within the Church today, ignoring the Operating Manual, which is HIS WORD, and pretending to live to the fullest the design he has made for our lives.

God does not only want us living according to our purpose, but He also wants us to live it EFFICIENTLY. And being efficient does not mean only to be good at something. It also means to be able to reach a level of maximum productivity.

Church, a new season has come upon us and we are to demonstrate that we are ready to live and fulfill our purpose. There is no longer time for delays, for the Creator of our beings is ready to ask us the final question… What have YOU done with your PURPOSE?